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4 Things to Know Before You Buy Indoor Digital Signs

Indoor digital signs in your store or on your store window can attract customers to your door. Here are key tips to consider before purchasing an indoor digital sign:

Clear brand message

The best signs typically convey a clear message about your brand, says Small Business Trends. Aside from ensuring the content is right, you’ll need to pick the right font, colors and text to make sure your sign is readable and easy to understand.

Bright and well-lit

If your sign isn’t well-lighted, it’s not going to be visible from a distance. A bright and well-lighted sign that can work at all hours can help you attract more customers. Even if your business isn’t open, your signs should be lit so people can walk by and see it. That’s one way to get potential shoppers to your door.


Advertising must always be consistent with your brand’s voice and personality. That’s the quality you’ll want to look for when you start checking out Indoor digital signs. For instance, if you run a candy shop, then display graphics that are playful and whimsical. If you run a lending firm, you’ll want to display messages that are more conservative in order to promote sense of credibility and trustworthiness.


Don’t forget to choose the right colors, not just for your letter font but also your background. If the color combinations readable, then you’ll need to change them. Don’t try to use your company colors unless these are rendered in readable results.


Finding just the right size for your display is also crucial. If your customers struggle to read your sign it could mean that the sign is too small. If the sign is too big,it could overwhelm the rest of your display, not to mention take up too much space. which is a problem if you don’t have much room to spare.

Slew of options

Not all indoor signs are used by the door or windows, though. If you run a movie theater, the indoor digital displays will be perfect on top of the movie schedule board or near the food menu signs. In retail, you can use indoor signs to direct shoppers to where they need to go. And if you run a school, you can use indoor digital signs to display upcoming school events . With so many uses for LED indoor signs, it’s easy to find an indoor digital sign that’s perfect for your brand and business.

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