How Adding a Whiteboard Spices Up Your Office

by | Jun 14, 2022 | Advertising and marketing

The environment your work in has a significant impact on your productivity and motivation. For example, if you are a business owner or are allowed to decorate your office workspace, it is essential to create a comfortable atmosphere that will motivate you to get your work done.

A whiteboard is a great way to not only stay organized but stay motivated. Whiteboards allow you the creative freedom to draw and take breaks from heavy thinking. In addition, the easy erasability of whiteboards gives you the space to change up your pictures whenever you want.

The problem most people run into is that they have no idea what to draw, or they think they can’t draw. The thought of not being a good enough artist holds people back from even attempting to draw. The upside is that art is subjective, and you do not have to be a professional, museum-grade artist in order to draw on a whiteboard.

So, first things first, the kind of markers you choose can elevate your drawings from mediocre to above average. You have a choice between chisel tip and bullet tip, the chisel being the thicker of the two. Having the ability to draw with different thicknesses can elevate your drawings and handwriting to the next level.

If you really want to get creative with your whiteboards, invest in multiple colors. Most people stick with the traditional black, red, green, and blue, but many dry erase marker companies are expanding their color palettes to include funkier colors for everyone to enjoy.

Once you have your markers, you are ready to begin! Consider practicing your handwriting and drawing a couple of times. Because they are so easy to erase, you can quickly go back and undo any mistakes you make. To have minimal errors, try to go slowly when drawing and writing. This isn’t a race!

So, think about what motivates you. Is it quotes? Specific words? A place? All of that? Draw out those motivators, and surround them with patterns, little drawings, and an abundance of color! If you are stuck, look for inspiration elsewhere! Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have various whiteboard ideas to inspire you to create your own! Let your creative mind run wild!

For extra inspiration, check out The Draw Shop. They are a video company specializing in whiteboard drawing videos. In fact, The Draw Shop is famous for supplying whiteboard drawing videos for large companies such as Netflix, Harvard University, and more. So, if you begin falling in love with whiteboard drawings and want to see increased ROI in your marketing and advertising, check out Business name today.

Work doesn’t have to be all business. Make sure you carve out time during the day to do something you enjoy, like drawing! Even if you don’t think you can draw. And if what you’ve created brings you joy, than that is all you need!

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