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Mistakes In Do-It-Yourself Website Designs

Website designs have changed dramatically in the last few years. Each website is now designed to tell a story and to create a relationship between the company and their prospective clients. Websites can be used for any industry in San Antonio, TX, to bring in clients, provide relevant information, and increase conversions to boost revenue.

Knowing how to design a functional website is not a simple task. Website design is constantly evolving; and staying ahead of the curve is a must for any business that wants to expand their market reach.

Many small businesses opt for generic templates: from web hosting services or other types of platforms that provide similar services. Unfortunately, these website design programs have several limitations, and may actually be the reason your online marketing and sales efforts are being held back. The following are common mistakes made on do-it-yourself websites.

Outdated Formats

Newer websites allow the user to scroll through its various pages, providing the information the searcher is needing in an effortlessly smooth process. When created by professionals with experience in website design, each website page will be visually appealing and engaging. If not done correctly with careful selection, your website pages may look disjointed and similar to cut and paste projects.

Selecting a Marketing Agency

Search for a professional agency providing cohesive web design. It’s essential for your website to display smartly on all sizes and screen outlets. Even with some of the best templates out there, the sizing and display elements are not accurate on all devices, which can limit how customers can access the site.

Finally, professional services create a unique brand for your San Antonio, TX, business. Recognizable branding allows your website to stand above the competition and attract your desired client demographic.

If you’re ready to upgrade your website to bring your company the leads it deserves, let the Ten Peaks Media website design team create one for you. To schedule a meeting, visit us at .

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