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The Top Cloud Security Solutions For Businesses

The cloud environment offers a range of security benefits that are suitable for most businesses. Cloud providers offer standard security for all data stored in the cloud, and users are able to add their own security at basic levels even with the public cloud option.

To maximize security for data stored in the cloud and to decrease the risk of a vulnerability leading to a breach, there are a few additional factors that a business can add.

Private or Hybrid Clouds

Private cloud provide the greatest level of security. With only one tenant in the cloud, all servers can be configured to meet any security requirements. Private clouds also have internal IP addresses, which means they are undetectable to the outside world. This assists in preventing malware and other types of attacks while also increasing security.

Hybrid clouds have a private cloud side with select information exchanged to the public cloud. This is an affordable option for many businesses where the security of data is a critical concern. While the migration and configuration of a hybrid cloud are more costly than the public cloud, the security features are worth considering.

Security-as-a-Service Solutions

Top cloud service providers offer Security-as-a-Service or SecaaS. This is a customized approach to securing your data that meets your requirements or any regulatory security requirements in your industry.

Finally, there are also specialized clouds. These clouds are designed to meet industry specifications and are often used for companies working in the financial sector where security is a crucial part of their reputation.

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