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Top 3 Benefits of Working with a Google Partner

If you’ve taken a few moments to browse our marketing agency Orange County website, you’ll notice that we are Google Partners through our work using Google Products. While Google is an impressive organization, you may be wondering how this partnership benefits you and why you should consider working with a Google Partner.

Before we explore the benefits of working with a Google Partner, let’s dig a little deeper into the Google Partner’s program. In order to become a Google Partner, our company had to take a series of tests that measured our company’s proficiency in the following areas:

Google AdWords

Our company also had to manage a certain number of client accounts using these services and be in charge of budgets that exceeded $10,000 in monthly ad spend.

1. Google Partners understand how to create successful PPC marketing campaigns through their training and success with past clients. Google AdWords can be complicated to learn and master. Through years of practice, our company has learned how to build effective PPC marketing campaigns for our clients.

2. Google Partners are considered by Google to be experts in the digital marketing field. Google is a corporation that takes its mission seriously, which is to provide searchers with relevant information for their query. For that reason, Google has strict standards of excellence for its partners. Google does not just bestow the ‘expert’ title on every company that applies to the Google Partner program. Companies must earn the title and they also must maintain their status each and every year.

3. Google Partners have mastered the latest trends in digital marketing. As a Google Partner agency, we can’t rest on our previous successes. To continue to serve our clients to the best of our abilities, we must learn about new Google trends and implement new skills that are available online. Our marketing experts attend coaching sessions, seminars, and conferences frequently in order to stay on top of the game and use all of the latest tools for successful campaigns.

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