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Common SEO Mistakes That Hamper Dublin Small Businesses

The correct SEO strategy is essential to grow a business and bring in new customers. Unfortunately, many SEO Dublin small businesses are using outdated and ineffective search engine optimisation techniques, many of which are hindering the ability to move up the organic search engine results.

Hire the Specialists

Hiring a digital marketing company to optimise the business website and implement a comprehensive and effective SEO strategy is money well spent. It allows the digital marketing team to focus on what they do best while you are able to spend your time on the business and your areas of expertise.

Common SEO Mistakes

Some of the most common mistakes made by small businesses in Dublin are often rooted in a lack of understanding of the complexity of search engine algorithms. A top digital marketing agency can evaluate your current website and correct the errors that are preventing you from increasing web traffic and improving conversion rates.

  • Keyword stuffing – many years ago, using the keyword multiple times was an effective strategy, but this is no longer the case. Strategically using short and long-tail keywords, alternative terms, and the language your customers use when shopping for your products and services are all effective strategies today.
  • Copied content – the term “content is king” is critical when building a strategy to keep customers returning to the website. Writing new content that is unique, original, and free from duplicate issues with other web pages or websites is essential. This is particularly important for ecommerce sites that may be using manufacturer’s text and images.
  • Not using analytics – Google Analytics provides a clear picture of how customers are finding your website and how they are moving through the website. This understanding provides a plan for what to add, remove, or enhance on the website to generate more traffic.

    These are just three of the dozens of possible SEO mistakes seen on small business websites. Hiring a digital marketing agency is an investment in your business that will have a top return on investment over time.