Meeting Your Goals With Customized Promotional Products

by | Aug 19, 2016 | Advertising and marketing

Meeting your goals with customized promotional products is easy when you have the right range of products to choose from. Every campaign push should have clear goals set, those goals should include things like:

   *   Number of new leads

   *   ROI (return on investment) calculations (that is explained below)

   *   Length of time for the promotion

No matter how your marketing push is structured you should have clearly laid out goals to see if what you are doing is effective or not. The above goals can be used by any business of any size to structure their push.

Number of New Leads

Many businesses will buy promotional products but then never collect the data that they need to, to see how many new leads resulted from the products or more importantly if the promotional products met a need of the consumer. A little informal survey can help you quite a bit to understand what affect the promotional products that you choose has on your target audience. It is always important to ensure that you are using customized promotional items to stand out from your competitors and to be able to gauge if they are affecting your sales.


Return on investment is what it is really all about. You can use the following calculations to see if your push is working, use the cost of the promotional items as your jumping off point. Let’s say you spend $300 for 300 items which means each item is $1, your service costs are $25 for a service call. 12 people would have to call if for a service worth $25 for you to break even, anything above that would be your return on the investment.  If you have given out 300 items there is a good possibility at least 30 people will see the item and call based on that. It is a huge return on investment.

Set your Time

To really be able to collect the data you need to see if you met your goal you have to have clear time limits. DK Specialties offers the items that get results. For more information contact D K Specialties.

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